You can “Breathe Easier” when You Remove Years of Carbon Build-up on your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover & MINI Engine Intake Valves with our Walnut Shell Blasting Service!

An engine valve before our Walnut Shell Blasting Service | Sevan Motorworx Along with new technology, comes new tricks to making sure they perform at their best. Most auto manufacturers are changing their engine designs to better match Federal Emissions requirements. Going away are the huge gas hogs blowing black soot everywhere it goes. Here are the days of smaller engines with turbos to build sufficient power without sacrificing fuel economy. This change of design requires a change in the way the fuel system works.

On a traditional fuel injected vehicle, we’ve heard for years about the need for higher quality fuel and fuel additives to keep the injectors and valves clean. On newer engine designs, such as Cooper S and BMW engines with turbo that is no longer the case. Premium fuel and occasional additives still keep the injectors clean and reduce soot within the intake air tract. However, the important guts of the engine in the valve train are no longer being cleaned by the fuel.

The intake valves (the parts that used to be washed by the detergent in the fuel and additives) are now placed down in the actual cylinder. This means that they are exposed to the air (with it’s complement of soot and oil blow-by) and not being cleaned. As you can see from the pictures, that means after 30-40,000 miles they can get pretty nasty. This can cause a variety of symptoms from hesitation on acceleration, a loss of power, engine misfires and a gradual loss of fuel economy.

The good news is that we have a tool to clean that debris off and restore the performance and fuel economy of the engine. Just take a look at the pictures and see for yourself! You don’t need to know much about engines to know that clean is better than contaminated and crusty.

An engine valve after our Walnut Shell Blasting Service | Sevan Motorworx

Walnut Shell Blasting

Featuring our new Intake Valve Cleaning System.

* Cleans Valves
* Cleans Intake Port
* Removes Build Up
* Reduces Hesitation
* Improves Air Flow
* Improves Acceleration
* Improves Power

Sevan MotorWorx recommends this service to be done a interval of every 35-40K miles.

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